4 Renovation Dos and Don’ts for HDB Resale Flats

With all the paperwork signed and the keys just about to be handed over, eager new homeowners might already have a plan of action in mind to design their dream house. But before you begin renovating your HDB resale flat, it is imperative that you know these 4 dos and don’ts that will save you precious time and money.

Do: Take into account the family’s lifestyle

Considering that your future home is meant to be a place of rest and respite, the first thing that should be accounted for is the lifestyle of your family. This includes activities and habits that each individual member may have as well as their general tendencies. For example, are you a family that makes it a point to have meals together often? If so, it may well be wiser to allocate more space towards a communal dining area. On the other side of the coin, if your family members prefer dining out or have vastly different schedules that cannot account for planned meals, opt for a smaller dining space and with less furniture. For those with fur babies, be sure to plan your HDB renovation around your pet’s preferences as well. The last thing you’d want is for them to feel like they’re being cramped into an inconducive space and inflict stress on them.

Do: Add loose furniture pieces

One major aesthetic appeal of heavy renovation is the ability to start from the ground-up and add built-in furniture such as tables and closets. However, these custom-made pieces tend to be costly as they require precise measurements and specific carpentry. In other words, they all add towards blowing up your renovation budget. Chances are that if you’re picking up a HDB resale flat, this is going to be a starter home of sorts. In that regard, it is better to utilise loose furniture that you can take with you to your next home, instead of investing heavily into built-in furniture that accompany the house you might sell. However, if you really want built-in furniture, careful selection of an interior designer that can keep costs low with local carpentry and hassle-free design work is key to making sure you don’t lose out when your home changes hands.

Don’t: Splurge and bust your home renovation budget

On the topic of staying fiscally conscious, upcycled and refurbished items are not only in fashion right now, they’re also budget- and environmentally-friendly.  Certain furniture and household items function equally well despite being hand-me-downs. Instead of running straight to IKEA for all your houseware needs, approach friends and family who might want to bless young homeowners with a set of second-hand items for their HDB resale flat. By keeping your furniture budget trim and tight, it also allows for a little more wiggle room when it comes to the actual HDB renovation.

Don’t: Have any unnecessary hacking

Structural renovation, such as hacking, can be costly. When planning to redesign or overhaul walls, it is important to consider the cost to benefit ratio before freely picking up the metaphorical hammer. Unlike surface renovation work such as painting or refinishing, hacking involves permanent removal of walls which further delays the completion of renovation. In some cases, it could be beneficial to hack down a wall to combine rooms and better utilise space. Young homeowners who buy a HDB resale flat with an extra room often elect to hack down adjacent walls in order to expand the master bedroom. In these instances, hacking might be justifiable but ultimately requires careful thought and planning. 

Renovate Your HDB Resale Flat Easily With 96 Interior

Dos and don’ts aside – if you’re still uncertain where to begin when it comes to HDB renovation, consider getting the help from an interior design firm in Singapore. With a strong focus on good workmanship, 96 Interior aims to provide a hassle-free and customer-oriented experience to achieve your greatest satisfaction. Reach out to us today or get a quote online for your HDB resale flat renovation needs.

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