4 Tips for Condo Renovations in Singapore

Compared to their HDB counterparts, condominiums in Singapore tend to come in smaller sizes. But his trade-off in size can be easily offset with prudent and economical use of space. If you’re a prospective homeowner who is faced with the conundrum of space, read on to find out about how you can maximise your living space with our 4 tips when renovating your condo in Singapore.

1. Seek proper renovation approvals

Before you break ground and go full steam ahead with your condo renovations, there are certain permits and paperwork that have to be approved. Building plans must first be submitted to the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) by your architect or registered professional civil/structural engineer. Upon approval, a permit has to be obtained to sanction the execution of building works. This permit can also be submitted by a Qualified Person (QP) or the contractor carrying out renovation works. Finally, a Temporary Occupation Permit has to be obtained by the QP before renovation works can begin.

If all that sounds like a ton of red tape to you, fret not – a good customer-oriented interior design firm will take care of the bureaucracy and obtain all the paperwork needed for condo renovation in Singapore. This frees up your precious time to focus more on the design aesthetics itself, allowing you to work hand-in-hand with your architects and interior designers to create your dream home.

2. Adding more mirrors and glass

Using mirrors is a simple way to inject space into common areas and make them appear to be less cramped. In combination with concealed storage options, homeowners can make use of these mirrors to help create a minimal aesthetic. When placed in living rooms, mirrors also allow you to do a once-over and check your outfit before leaving the house. Not a fan of mirrors? Consider using glass instead. Glass creates an extremely open feel and removes the boundaries between spaces. For example, glass sliding doors are fantastic for opening up communal spaces and extending areas for entertaining.

3. Create an open-concept kitchen

If you really want to push the edge with your condo renovation, don’t simply stop at using glass and mirrors to widen your spaces. Instead, opt for an open-concept kitchen where the living room and kitchen aren’t divided by walls. Sure, this may require hacking, but we promise that it’ll be worth it. By knocking down dividers that separate the kitchen and living room, the open-concept kitchen allows for an extra entertainment space through the use of countertops and dining areas.

If the idea of a fully open-concept kitchen still scares you, opt for a partially open-concept kitchen that is divided via glass sliding doors. Maintaining the benefits of both an open and enclosed kitchen design, homeowners can take solace in knowing most of the cooking will be done in the “wet” side of the kitchen that is separated from the rest of the house.

4. Add built-in furniture pieces

Built-in furniture can also help maximise space in condominiums with smaller square footage. These pieces are custom-made and measured precisely to slot into their spaces. Compared to loose furniture purchased off the rack, the former fits like a Tetris piece while the latter may require some re-orientation and finesse to maximise space usage. The important thing to consider is what type of built-in furniture one might need in their home after the condo renovation. For this, the advice of an interior designer is key, especially one that works with local contractors closely and is able to ensure the quality of all carpentry and manufacturing. 

As with all things, there are drawbacks to consider. A family with growing needs may not want a static house build, and may prefer the flexibility of loose furniture instead. So, do plan wisely!

Have a Fuss-Free Condo Renovation With 96 Interior

Buying a condo in Singapore is always a milestone for homeowners, and the additional pressure of condo renovations can put a strain on families. Utilise the above 4 renovation tips wisely, and you’ll be sure to pull your renovation off without a hitch. At 96 Interior, we help you realise your interior design dreams. Contact us at 9321 9696 today for a free consultation.

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