4 Tips to Ace Japanese Minimalist Interior Design

Japanese minimalism is one of the ultimate philosophies on how to live in peace with nature. Founded on the principles of Zen, where balance is key and everything has its place, this world-renowned interior design style has been adopted by Singaporeans as a way to let go of the excessiveness that is often found in modern-day living.

The minimalist interior design revolves around the creation of a clutter-free space, while simultaneously ensuring that everything remains harmonious. Japanese minimalism takes this up a notch by factoring in natural elements. This allows homeowners to be connected with nature, while also providing them with a space that doubles as a paradise away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’re planning to update your home with a Japanese minimalist interior design, here are some tips for a successful upgrade.

1. Incorporate Natural Elements

Japanese minimalist interior design style is all about simplicity and the proper use of space. However, in the Japanese tradition, bringing nature into your home is also thought to relieve stress and give you a source of comfort and peace. As such, to bring the Japanese minimalist interior design to life in your abode, you can not only leverage proper space planning to create an open and inviting space but also add beauty and tranquillity with natural decorative elements like wood.

Did you know that the Japanese kitchen is designed to be unobtrusive and blend in with the room’s décor, letting nature become an integral part of the experience? Nostalgic in approach, the Japanese-inspired kitchen is minimalistic and contemporary in style and has a relaxing ambiance thanks to the use of natural materials like wood, stone, or bamboo.

The minimalist Japanese kitchen often features open shelves. Every element is simple and minimalistic in design. This means that instead of the standard bulky storing solutions and installations, innovative features like magnetic strips for holding knives and other utensils are used to turn the kitchen space into a sleek and functional one.

2. Low Seating Dining Table

In Japanese homes, it is common to find low-seating tables called ‘chabudai.’ Unlike other modern day furniture, the Chabudai complements the quiet simple base that the entire design scheme aims to achieve. Bringing to life the sense of lightness that the Japanese minimalist interior design is revered for, having such low-seating furniture gives the illusion of them floating above the ground – and being one with the natural elements.

3. Choose Neutral Colours

Focusing on bringing about a certain degree of soulfulness to the space, a traditional Japanese-styled room is often painted in neutral tones, like cream, soft-white palette or blue and grey accents. This facilitates the creation of a space that radiates peaceful simplicity. Moreover, natural and light tones will complement the simplicity of materials used and to keep the vibe as calm as possible.

4. Celebrate Empty Spaces

Modern Japanese minimalist style of interior design leaves out extensive ornaments and decorative work in your home and only pushes homeowners to only keep what is essential. Space is also maximised by using quality craftsmanship such as automated storage solutions, sliding doors and hidden rooms to create open spaces with less clutter.

We at 96 Interior follow the Japanese minimalist with Muji inspired interior design where less is considered more. We have designed the Muji cabinet and drawer units with a strong framework and enough interior space to hold heavy objects, so you can get rid of clutter.

Creating a flawless space design is our specialty. Our space planning services include a full analysis of the space at home, including its layout and characteristics; a full study of lighting, furniture, and colour effects; as well as an extensive investigation into how people use the space.

Ace Your Minimalist Interior Design With 96 Interior

At 96 Interior, we strive to create living spaces with minimalist, modern, functional and comfortable interior design. Our award winning interior designs integrate well-crafted furniture and durable fittings that can last for years, allowing much flexibility as to your changing lifestyles. Even if you’re living in an HDB flat in Singapore, our minimalist interior design approach can be tailored to suit your needs and we can work to create the perfect Japanese inspired design you’ve always dreamed of. 

Check out HDB renovation packages and other services to see which one suits your requirements. For more information, get in touch with us or visit our office in Singapore to discuss your Japanese minimalist interior design inspirations!

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