5 Tips for Renovating Your Landed Property in Singapore

Landed properties such as bungalows, cluster homes, semi-detached and detached houses, and terraces differ from other residential spaces due to the bigger size. Given their larger areas, there are a lot of features like gardens, a garage, or swimming pool that can be added. Renovation of a landed property also requires an expertise level that is vastly different from renovating a condo or an HDB property in Singapore.

Rebuilding VS Renovating: What’s Best For You?

Many consider rebuilding the home for proper lighting and ventilation, but it’s quite different from simple renovation.

Rebuilding and renovation require entirely different levels of involvement and commitment. Compared to renovation projects, rebuilding usually involves more time and resource-consuming work. Examples of rebuilding include the construction of a pool or adding on new rooms, whereas renovation tends to focus on works like the installation of carpets or changing the interior design. 

If you do not have the budget for rebuilding, any additions and alterations to your landed property can be achieved through renovation.

Common Renovation Ideas for Landed Properties in Singapore

1. Use Full-Length Windows

Adding full-length windows don’t just help you enjoy the fresh air but can make your room appear more spacious. The windows increase the abundance of lights in your room and provide a better system for ventilation and fresh air. 

2. Use Textures And Patterns

Mixing and matching is the latest trend. Traditionally, many people pick a unified theme for all of the rooms in their house to maintain a level of consistency, but this idea is now changing. There’s no strict rule regarding designing a landed home in Singapore. The traditional design includes patterns such as paisleys, stripes, and florals, whereas modern design is focused on minimalistic prints and patterns. The mix of modern and traditional design offers a more personalised and unique style.

3. Decor Ideas That Add Value To Your Home

Whether it’s wall hangings or lamps and pots in the corners of your home, the use of such items can give life to your landed property. For example, installing  big mirrors can make the space look larger  as it reflects the light entering the room, tricking our eyes into thinking that the space looks bigger than it actually is.    

Whether you use your landed property in Singapore for residential, investment or commercial purposes, stylish and comfortable furniture adds significant value to your landed property. You can choose the colours of the furniture according to the colour combination of the walls and the interior decorating items. It will help you to offer a bold new look—for example, green colour suits with grey, brown, pink and red furniture.

4. Don’t Forget The Kitchen

While renovating your landed property in Singapore, kitchens are the heart that makes up your house. Therefore, it should be designed to conserve your time and create a convenient and enjoyable spot for you.

From parallel or open islands to u-shaped, straight, or L-shaped kitchen countertops, you’ll have plenty of options in kitchen design. Apart from this, you need to pay attention to other furnishings like counters, cabinets, sink, shelf and drawer space to organise your kitchen items concisely.

Choose the right one when you’ve planned a home renovation in Singapore or seek the advice of an interior designer for an expert opinion.

5. Add Energy And Water Saving Resources

In Singapore, the domestic water usage is above 158 litres per person in a day. This high water usage not only gives you high water bills, but it also affects your electricity bills. You can install a water-saving kit at your home, which is offered free of cost by the Public Utilities Board (PUB) and it reduces the water consumption by 5 per cent. Similarly, using energy-saving appliances like LED lighting and smart appliances helps you save electricity and minimise unnecessary expenses.

Hire 96 Interior For Your Landed Property Renovation

The above five tips are just some of the renovation ideas you can implement when revamping or decorating your landed property in Singapore. At 96 Interior, our designers  have a strong portfolio, with the ability to balance your aesthetic and functional needs when renovating your landed property in Singapore. Contact us now to find out more about our renovation and interior design services.

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