6 Ways To Renovate Your Living Room Affordably

A clean and inviting living room is the heart of any home. It’s the first thing people see when they walk in the door, so it’s important that your space looks inviting and reflects your personal style. We at 96 Interior know that renovating your living room to bring a new aesthetic isn’t always easy, especially if you are on a tight budget. But don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to pull off an interior design and renovation project for your HDB flat or condo without breaking the bank.

1. Redesigning the Layout

If you’re looking to spice up your home’s interior design and renovation, try giving your living room a new look by redesigning the layout. Redesigning the layout of your home is all about maximising the space you have and making your living space more visually appealing. This can be done in several ways – by simply shifting your existing furniture pieces around or by seeking help from experts for space planning advice. While the former might offer a quick fix for the current conundrum you are facing with your interior design, the latter goes back to the basics to rectify the issues related to impractical design efficiently. Not only maximising your space, but space planning also takes into account everything from light sources and movement patterns within your abode – this way, should you decide to revamp your living space in the future, everything will be a breeze.

Our interior space planning process includes steps like analysing and planning the space. There’s also the 3D visualisation aspect to it which helps you imagine what your space would look like before we actually get started on its construction.

2. Add a New Coat of Paint

Adding a new coat of paint to your living room is one of the best ways to add a new dimension to the space. Whether you want to paint all the walls for a completely new look or just add some pops of colour, there is no denying that painting your walls is a quick, easy and affordable way to elevate the design of your home.

3. Improve the Lighting


Lighting can significantly impact the look and feel of a room. While a few well-placed floor lamps and table lamps will add instant elegance to any living room, the power of lighting to create optical illusions should not be underestimated. Just like mirrors which are known to create the illusion of more space, the strategic use of lighting around the home can do the same. Strategically placing your lighting fixtures can highlight architectural details and provide sufficient floodlight to create a cosy ambiance, and bring focus to key elements in your living room. By playing with height and making bold statements through your lighting choices, you can draw the eyes in various directions, emphasising on the plus points of your home rather than its small floor space or low ceiling.

4. Use Fluted Panelling

Add visual interest and depth to your living room space with fluted panelling. While false walls can be costly to build, fluted panelling is a quick, easy-to-install and versatile product which will work with most design styles, and are a lot more cost-effective than false walls.

Regardless of the type of property you are renovating, fluted panels can also be installed on your ceilings. Moreover, they come in different wood stains and wood grain patterns, so you can contrast them with the lights in your room to add more visual contrast and warmth to the space.

5. Home Accessories for an Instant Update

If you are still deciding on the best interior design theme for your home, simple upgrades like accessorising can do wonders in transforming your abode into a new place. Regardless of your existing living room design, home accessories like vases, mirrors, curtains and other decorative elements are an easy way to refresh the space.

Renovate Your Living Room With 96 Interior

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