Best Bedroom Ideas and Inspiration in Singapore

A bedroom plays an important role in providing the perfect resting space after a long and busy day. A cosy bedroom allows you to relax and unwind comfortably. That’s why it’s so important to decide on the right bedroom design before embarking on any renovation projects.

One of the most enjoyable and exciting phases in the renovation process is planning out your space as well as selecting the proper lighting, furniture, and choosing the best design scheme for  your bedroom. When attempting to bring to life your ideal bedroom interior design, you might have several ideas in mind that will transform the space into a personal paradise. In this article, we’ll introduce various ideas on how to make even the smallest bedroom your personal sanctuary, while offering budget-friendly options too. 

1. Incorporate A Comfortable Nook In The Bedroom

If your bedroom comes with windows, you can add a comfortable lounge nook right below it to designate a dedicated space for relaxation. Creating this personal space by the window allows you to enjoy natural light and you can also enjoy the view outside. Your renovation contractor can use carpentry to build a window seat or platform, or for a budget-friendly alternative, just use a bench or armchairs.

2. Add A Workspace For Study Or WFH

With creativity and proper planning of the limited space you have available in your small bedroom, it is possible to add a small study table at the side of the bed or near the corner of the room. Though most homes in Singapore are too small to dedicate a separate room just for a study, it is possible with proper space management of your bedroom. For example, you could incorporate a folding table or built-in counter that does not occupy much floor space. Such tactics come in extremely handy, especially since many of us are either working from home.

3. Choose an Interior Colour Scheme You’ll Love

Nothing gets more personal than choosing a colour palette for your bedroom that complements your style, lifestyle, and personality. Creating a colour scheme with no-fail combinations can instantly transform a plain room into a striking space. While many homeowners choose their wall paint colours in the initial stages of revamping a space, it is pivotal to understand that paint is frequently the least expensive element in the room. Instead, start with the less flexible elements in your bedroom, like the furniture pieces and fabrics. Then, decide between a monochromatic, analogous, contrasting or complementary colour scheme and go from there.    

4. Decorate Table Tops And Walls

The next thing you can add to your bedroom is trendy wall hangings and fancy table fans to elevate the visual appeal of your home. These are cost-effective and budget-friendly ideas that will not only spice up the appearance of your bedroom,but also not take up too much room.

5. Create A Platform Bed

Platform beds are gaining popularity due to their space-saving feature and plenty of customisable storage space. This idea adds a streamlined style and uniqueness to a modern bedroom. Moreover, platform beds allow modification according to personalised requirements. It can help physically divide the space without the need for partitions, giving the space a greater visual depth.        

6. Use Illuminated Lighting

When you have low funds and can’t afford a full remodel, think about alternative lighting ideas instead. As opposed to replacing all the furniture, repainting walls, and reinstalling new flooring like in an extensive renovation project, changing your lighting is a more affordable option that can help change the look of your bedroom space completely. Since lighting tends to bounce off walls, it works wonders in helping the room to appear bigger.  

Design your Bedroom Professionally With 96 Interiors

These are  some simple bedroom design ideas that can help you create your perfect space. Even with limited space, you can still leverage functional components to maximise the available space.

96 Interior provides all types of renovation for homes whether it’s a HDB flat or landed property in Singapore. Our creative team has a modern flair suitable for big and small bedroom ideas alike. We are also able to bring to life various interior design styles, including modern black minimalist, modern luxury, modern contemporary, modern vintage, Scandinavian, and more. Get a quote for our renovation and interior design services today.

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