Cost of Engaging an Interior Design Firm in Singapore

The cost of interior design in Singapore is the most pressing issue when planning interiors for homes or offices in Singapore. Since you’ll want to maximise the value of your interior design investment, it’s always recommended to understand different factors that can impact the overall cost.

Let’s examine the various factors that affect the interior design costs in Singapore.

1. Type of property

The type of property you own will affect the types of renovation that can be carried out, as will the extent of which renovation will need to be done. For example, a landed property will have different needs from an HDB flat, and given its bigger size, more work will inevitably need to be done, resulting in vastly different costs. Whether your home is a resale or BTO can also affect price, as resale flats tend to undergo more extensive renovation. Additional factors such as the demolition and dismantling works, repairs and refurbishing works, unexpected complications, and the size of the property itself, are a few of the many factors that can affect the renovation costs.

Complexity is another essential element in the final renovation cost. Custom carpentry like recesses, curves and cantilevers can further add to the cost of designing interiors.

2. Type of Renovation Works Required

1. Extent of Work 

Hacking, carpentry, and masonry takes up a large portion of your budget for interior designing. The cost of renovating a 4-room HDB flat (approx. 90 square metres) can range between $5,000 to more than $100,000, contingent upon the various factors mentioned above.

2. Flooring Materials

There’s a huge variety of flooring options, and each will affect the overall cost of your renovation differently. For example, wood and laminate flooring costs more than linoleum and vinyl flooring. If you’re searching for a mid-point, you could choose natural stone or a ceramic design due to its affordability and durability. The vinyl and laminate flooring is one of the cheapest options due to softness, comfortability and affordability while marbles and hardwood are the expensive ones due to their novelty.

3. Desired Interior Design Scheme

The factors required to bring an interior design to life like materials, accessories, and labour are directly impacted by the shape and size of the residential property. Therefore, it is common to see the price of interior design differ drastically.

While a 3-room BTO is the same size across different units, a 3-room Modern Luxury BTO is estimated to cost between $70K-$80K, whereas a 3-room Modern Industrial BTO will roughly cost around $50K-$70K. On the other hand, a Japanese Minimalist design costs around $50K -$60K. This difference can be due to the use of varied styles and materials. However, do note that these costs are estimates and are bound to fluctuate based on market trends, the amount of work required on-site, and the interior design firm you engage. 

3. Expertise

A skilled interior designer with a good track record in the field and a plethora of successful cases will cost more than someone just starting out. However, the benefit of hiring a well-experienced design professional in Singapore is feeling assured that they know what they’re doing. Lesser experienced or unlicensed designers may have a more affordable fee but if any errors or mistakes occur it will cost you more to correct the issue in the long run.

Get Affordable, Transparent, And Quality Interior Services 

There’s no universal budget for interior designing. If you’re trying to get the most value out of your interior design without having it cost you a lot, it’s recommended to discuss the choices with a professional interior design firm in Singapore

At 96 Interior we sit down with you to discuss all the details of a project before offering you a quote. This lets you have full transparency and control over the renovation process from the start to the end. Our estimated costs are determined by the number of rooms and building type of your home, whether it’s a HDB BTO, resale flat, landed property, or condominium in Singapore. We provide both interior design and renovation services, so you can enjoy an all-in-one design and renovation package for your home. You can also check out our HDB renovation packages, resale renovation packages and BTO renovation packages or get in touch to find out more.

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