HDB and Condo Front Entry Door Ideas to Leave a Good First Impression

Your foyer is the first part of your home that visitors will lay their eyes on, and thus plays an important role when it comes to their initial impressions of your abode. Beyond setting the tone for the rest of their visit, they serve a practical function in efficiently maximising the space you have available. 

Providing an opportunity to create extra storage space, and functioning as the perfect place to include a small seating area for guests to sit down before entering your home, there is much that can be done with this underrated space. 

Front Entry Door Ideas to Consider

When it comes to most properties in Singapore like HDB flats, embarking on a renovation project for a common corridor is not an option. If homeowners do wish to extend their renovation outside of their property, they will have to purchase the recess area in front of their flat after meeting the criteria stated in the Sale of Recess Area Scheme. 

Besides the additional costs, this inevitably creates a dilemma for homeowners as they need to find alternative ways to make their entrance look grand. But there is another space that can be tapped on to elevate the visual appeal of your property – the entryway. More than just a tiny corner to store your shoe rack, the design potential of the entry cannot be underestimated. Playing a big role in setting the overall mood of your abode, consider the following ideas for your next HDB renovation project or condo revamp: 

1. Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardening is an increasingly popular trend amongst homeowners in Singapore, even being featured in design magazines, house tour vlogs and blogs. So if you thought that owning a BTO flat or any other unit in a high-rise building means you can’t have your very own garden, then think again. Vertical gardening is an innovative way to bring nature into your home while efficiently overcoming the challenge of the space. Plus, these can be done artificially, so you do not have to worry about maintenance. Moreover, vertical gardens have a calming effect on us, giving us peace of mind, and helping us relax.

2. Painting the Walls

There is no denying that the right paint colour can do wonders in creating flow and supporting a smooth visual transition from one part of the home to another. Leverage a variety of  colours and designs to establish clear boundaries between your entryway and the rest of your living space. The easiest method is to use a different colour to ensure that your entryway stands out. Painting the walls also allows you to play with texture and colour, adding more warmth to the space. Painting your corridor with neutral tones like white, grey, or beige is an excellent way to inject light into your home, allowing more natural light to bounce off the walls to illuminate the area.

3. Artificial Grass Carpet

If you are looking for an artistic, contemporary but durable hall runner for your home then you should definitely install an artificial grass carpet. Moreover, it is a cheaper alternative than most rug options and it’s easy to clean as well. It is also one of the best ideas if you are looking to bring the outdoors indoors while having it serve a practical function – say goodbye to stains on your floor, especially if there are kids around!

4. Wooden Partition in the Foyer

Welcoming guests into a foyer with wooden partition or wooden cabinetry, is sure to set a good first impression. Given the inherent opulence of wooden material, the addition of warm wood floors and a cosy bench, will seamlessly envelop the space in class and sophistication. You can also opt to renovate the entire space according to the rules of modern contemporary interior design which will help elevate the overall ambience of your home.

How Can 96 Interior Help?

If you’re looking for more front entry door ideas and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. At 96 Interior our team of professional designers are experienced at renovating homes and front entrances. Our renovation packages align with each client’s design preferences and style they want to achieve. We deliver quality workmanship, trustworthy service and a distinguished sense of professionalism. With our network of professional interior designers on your side, the possibilities are endless. Get in touch with us for your HDB or Condo renovation in Singapore and let’s start planning your dream foyer!

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