How to create a minimalist home for your condo in Singapore?

Creating a minimalist home doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a variety of ways to approach and establish a minimalist living space, but they all centre around being prudent with what you actually need and use at home. Economic use of space and ingenious design philosophies adorn minimalist homes, and the trademark of a gorgeous home is simply a good “flow” from one space to another. If these ideas sit well with you, read on to find out more about how you can clear out the clutter and create a serene sanctuary that feels both spacious and calming at home.

What is minimalism?

Despite what most might think about the term, minimalism doesn’t necessarily imply living a stark and sterile life. In the context of interior design and housing, minimalism as the name would suggest, simply refers to living with less. Here’s how to create a minimalist living space in your condo in Singapore.

1. Buying only what you need

The first step to establishing a minimalist living space is relatively pre-emptive, albeit tricky especially when we live in an age of excess. That makes living with less quite a challenging concept for young homeowners with condos in Singapore. To help ease the transition, start by asking yourself how often an item you’re purchasing is going to be used.

If it is purely for design and aesthetic purposes, consider if there is any functional value in it. Within all good minimalist living spaces, every single item should have a purpose in addition to matching the cosmetic theme of the space. What homeowners avoid doing is unnecessarily hoarding and purchasing items that will only sit in storage. This sin is gravely doubled in the case of bulky or clunky items, as that takes up precious storage space. Remember that in a minimalist home, space is worth its weight in gold.

2. Replacing bulky furniture

After patting yourself on the back for showing some self-restraint and not going crazy with purchases, the next step is to replace bulky furniture at home. Remember all the money saved from said restraint? That’s perfect for swapping out the massive couch or dining room table taking up precious space. The key point to consider when choosing the appropriate furniture to tag in, is what it provides relative to the square-footage taken up.

For homeowners looking to entertain in their condos in Singapore, it may be tempting to buy a massive five-seater couch as a communal space. In this example, ponder over how often that couch might actually be fully utilised – do you have guests over often enough to really fill out the couch? If the answer is no, maybe that couch isn’t the most ergonomic use of space. A nifty little trick is to keep an eye out for modular furniture. These set pieces allow users to modify the way furniture is set up to best accommodate the environment.

3. Hacking down walls to create more open spaces

Compared to the previous two tips, this one does require a little bit of assistance. Featuring more structural rebuilding than the others, it is best to undertake this task with the help of professional interior designers. The goal of hacking down walls in a minimalist home is to establish more open spaces and a smoother flow. In this endeavour, it is paramount that a well-trained eye first outlines the changes to be made. Unless you boast an architectural background of some sort, the average young homeowner may feel slightly overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are plenty of reliable condo interior designers in Singapore

Consulting these design firms also gives you access to their team of contractors who will meticulously execute the shared vision for a minimalist home. With end-to-end services from 3D visualisation to clean-up, we dare say that a customer-driven interior designer is a must have when it comes to reshaping your condo in Singapore the minimalist way.

Work With 96 Interior For Your Minimalist Condo In Singapore

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