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Minimalism has been on a roaring trend since the global pandemic struck us, and hybrid workplace settings is becoming a norm as the way we work becomes more fluid.  As such, a home with clutter-free space and organized essentials in every room is what people want these days. Apart from decluttering your home with incessant furniture products, a minimalist home exudes a special type of aesthetic and luxury, along with elevated comfort in your home.

The Cream Minimalist design concept you are looking at right now is 96 Interior’s attempt to integrate all of the said aspects for our home owners. Upon stepping into this house, you will be greeted by its simple beauty.

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Elevate your home with more minimalism and less maintenance.


When it comes to designing a minimalist home, many people have the misconception that it requires less thought. Instead, it takes even more effort and consideration to select purposeful furniture that embodies both design and functionality.

Integrating curved surfaces add a touch of class to the overall minimalist aesthetic. Innovative design planning such as the placement of lights and deliberate design elements like the settee which is practical and not obtrusive completes the look and vibes in which our client was looking for.

During the day, an ample amount of sunlight fills the living room. Our interior designer has made use of this characteristic of the house for more in-depth space planning. The light strips and concealed lighting that you see have been properly thought of in line with our minimalist theme. Although they may feel insignificant, they are able to not only compliment the abundant sunlight in the day but also provide warmth and visibility when evening comes and night falls.


 Your Cream Minimalist Home begins with 96 Interior

  If you are inspired by the décor of cream minimalist interiors and already know exactly what you want, let us draw up a quote for you. Contact us to set up an initial consultation session to start planning the design of your living spaces.

  At 96 Interior, we are committed to delivering quality workmanship and trustworthy service to homeowners in Singapore. Let’s take you one step closer to making your house a home with your favorite minimalist layout today!

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