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Adore the form and functionality of Minimalism but still want to incorporate unique touches of other design styles in your home? Eclectic Minimalism is the perfect fit for you! This Eclectic Minimalist home is all about bridging the sleek experience of minimalism with a mix of Japanese Wabi-Sabi elements along with curved lines, tactfully balancing elegance and individuality.

Completing this Eclectic Minimalist home was a challenging but rewarding experience for our skillful designers at 96 Interior, as careful selection of the right furniture and décor have to be ensured to prevent over cluttering, creating a harmonious and inviting space for our home owners.

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Harmonize contrasting elements through a carefully curated mix.


The key to designing the perfect Eclectic Minimalist home starts with selecting a neutral color palette, establishing an elegant base for the rest of the décor to play off cohesively. To enhance the eclectic charm of the living room further, our interior designer incorporated wooden curved elements referenced from the famous Wabi-Sabi design style to create a rustic study space and a focal point in the room. 

Wood has historically been the best pick for crafting durable furniture. As opposed to the many other inexpensive materials people use nowadays to make furniture, wood has stood the test of time with the least maintenance. Aligning this rationale to Wabi-Sabi styling elements, our interior designer proposed to use medium-toned wood grains to create a serene dining area for our home owners. Rounded pendant lights are also selected to create more concentrated light source and gentle illumination in the area, adding more visual depth into the home.


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  If you are inspired by the décor of eclectic minimalist interiors and already know exactly what you want, let us draw up a quote for you. Contact us to set up an initial consultation session to start planning the design of your living spaces.

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