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Japandi is described as the infusion or blend of Scandinavian and Modern Japanese interior design styles that share the same appreciation for functionality and simplicity, along with a profound respect for nature and quality furniture craftsmanship. As such, the key elements present in this humble abode focuses on functional yet aesthetic décor to exude light and airy home vibes for our home owners. That’s not all, the inclusion of indoor greenery and ample natural light are also carefully considered to energize the space further!

If you are an aspiring home owner that prefers to enrich your home with warmth and natural elements, this interior design style is the perfect fit for you! Completing this project was another amazing accomplishment for 96 Interior, and we warmly welcome all home owners and soon-to-be home owners to build your dream home with us!

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Uncover the beauty in imperfection, appreciating the simplicity of life.


The creation of this Japandi living room is layered by cozy textures and the incorporation of natural materials such as wooden furniture and indoor greenery to create the impression of a cheerful and inviting space. Pops of colors are also present in its cushions and wall décors for a subtle dash of color, along with a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian themed pendant lights to amplify the lighting in specific areas to create a focal point.

To embody the calm and inspiring ambiance of Japandi interior design, the study room is designed with a warm and neutral palette, allowing more natural light to reflect off furniture surfaces to keep one productive and focused. As our home owners are young parents with 2 active toddlers, the study space is also designed with a heightened platform for the purpose of being a play area with effortless supervision.

Waved curtains are also added into the mix for its clean and elegant look, complementing the Japandi interior style perfectly!

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  If you are inspired by the décor of eclectic minimalist interiors and already know exactly what you want, let us draw up a quote for you. Contact us to set up an initial consultation session to start planning the design of your living spaces.

  At 96 Interior, we are committed to delivering quality workmanship and trustworthy service to homeowners in Singapore. Let’s take you one step closer to making your house a home with your favorite minimalist layout today!

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