Interior Design inspired by Muji

Our client a couple from Singapore in their mid thirties specifically gave us words to work with when designing their new Japanese Minimalist home. “Wood”, “minimal”, “indie”, “calm”, “neat”, “tidy” and “Japanese”. Being fans of the minimal japanese lifestyle brand, Muji, of course they included “Muji” as one of the words in this brief This was the information given to 96 Interior when we sat down with our client in our studio. Working with what we have, our interior designer came up with this Japanese minimal design. The japanese minimalist design concept you are looking at right now is 96 Interior’s attempt in an interpretation of all these aspects combined.

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A modern take on traditional Japanese minimalism.


Japanese minimalism is inspired by the aesthetic of Japan’s traditional Zen Buddhism, and it focuses on keeping life simple, clean, and uncluttered by living with just the essentials. On the other hand, the idea of Muji oozes an elegant and minimalist aesthetic. The Muji style has a signature look where less is considered more. It is one of the core essences of Muji’s design philosophy. 

With the open spaces that this Japanese minimalist design brings, it generates good vibes and positive mentalities due to the fact that it allows HDB home owners in Singapore to have an endless amount of reshuffling the ambience, furniture and layout possibilities in their house.

96 Interior have always worked closely with our carpentry team. The exterior look of the wooden cabinets down to their finishes and interior storage capabilities are carefully chosen and thought of so that they not only fit into the Muji design style but our designer also made sure that the internal storage are large enough to put away unnecessary objects and clutter.


 Your Dream Japanese Minimalist Home begins with 96 Interior

This design concept by 96 Interior goes beyond just minimalism. Intricate details are found in multiple elements around the house right down to each and every piece of furniture. It’s also about quality – well-crafted, lasting furniture and fittings that enhance the quality of living. The space should also allow for flexibility and be adapted to the changing lifestyle and needs of the home owners. Meaning and intention given to every element in this house.

Our interior designers are passionate and committed to making your dream home a reality. We are very familiar and confident in helping you achieve this Japanese Minimalist interior design concept. You can trust us to make the renovation process as stress-free as possible. If you are looking for other minimalist and simplistic designs, do take a look at our Simplicity and Wabi Sabi design concepts.

If you would like to have the calmness and zen of this Japanese Minimalist interior design inspired by Muji for your next HDB or condo renovation, drop us an enquiry, we’ll get in touch shortly!

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