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Designing a home with tones of grey is becoming enduringly timeless with great universal appeal. Grey is a neutral, versatile shade with a broad tonal spectrum ranging from cool off whites to deep charcoal and can be used to create a myriad of interior aesthetics for any room depending on the tone you choose.

When designing a home with grey, more emphasis should be placed on the tone of the wall colors as it has a significant impact to the mood and feel you want to accentuate in the room. Modern grey homes lean closer to using cooler, darker and dramatic charcoals to give off rustic and elegant home vibes.

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Create more visual depth in your home with different tones of grey.


When designing this Modern Grey home, the objective was to make the house bold yet inviting. By utilizing different shades of grey, our interior designer is able to make different sections of the house stand out.

In the setting of the kitchen, our interior designer carefully coordinated lighter tones of grey to exude feelings of neutrality, attaining good color harmony with the dining area. Our home owners also mentioned that they are food fanatics, to which our interior designer proposed to use a grey granite countertop as it has high resistance to heat and scratches, making it the best option for a kitchen with heavy usage.

Using dark grey furniture in the dining area is an elegant way to add a hint of drama by creating and enhancing contrast to the modern grey theme. Textures and materials like wood, leather or velvet can accentuate grey tones prominently, enabling this tint to take center stage when you bring the right ingredients into the mix.


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