The Bare Beauty of Industrial Interior Design

The modern industrial interior design takes elements of rugged architecture and brings it into your home. Take minimalism to a higher level by stripping your interior to its bones. Bask in the beauty of the raw and edgy. The industrial office design celebrates engineering and mechanical ingenuity in its most authentic form. Bare concrete walls and floors are interrupted by black and metallic verticals.

An industrial design for your HDB creates plenty of space with as much drama, all within a neutral colour palette.

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Give Your Interior a Modern Industrial Design

   To bring the raw industrial office look into your home, our designers will work closely with you to make the best decisions for your space. Attention to the materials being used is important to create a sense of awe and drama in a very open living area. The most minute details will undoubtedly make or break the overall design scheme. The lights installation is an example of a component that adds so much to the modern industrial interior, even if it may seem like a small matter. Our designers will offer you a range of options to choose from that fits your desired minimalist, industrial look for your home interior.

   The modern industrial is a theatrical and raw interior design and suitable for the courageous homeowner. It brings attention and highlights the beauty of what might usually be hidden or considered incomplete, such as the piping and exposed bricks in the walls. Our designers will help you get a very clear visualisation of your renovation project by having coherent and consistent communication channels open. We will also provide digital 3D imagery of the proposed floor plans and space before we start any renovation work.


Start Creating Your Dream Home

   Our interior designers are passionate and committed to making your dream home a reality. We are very familiar with the modern industrial design, and you can trust us to make the renovation process as stress-free as possible. You can have a peek at the Black Minimalist and Modern Luxury designs that we offer.

   If you’re keen to take on the dramatic minimalist, industrial interior design for your HDB renovation, you can drop us an enquiry, and we will get in touch shortly!

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