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Want your home to resemble the aesthetic of Mediterranean villas in the 1920s? Look right here! Mediterranean-styled homes originated back in the early 1920s, where people were compelled with the idea of wealth and luxurious living. Fast forward to today, Modern Mediterranean homes are now designed with traditional Mediterranean influences along with the comforts of modern living. What should you expect from a Modern Mediterranean home? Think spacious, open floor plans, indoor-outdoor living experiences. At 96 Interior, we are all about bringing out the best of both worlds, embodying both classic and modern contemporary elements to create a timeless appeal to our home owner’s humble abode.

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When interior designers talk about the Mediterranean style, we generally refer to the aesthetics of Southern European countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, notably Greece, Italy, and Spain but it’s important to note that there are actually 21 countries that border the Mediterranean, meaning that true Mediterranean style is just as likely to come from Israel, Morocco, and beyond.

Having able to undertake a landed property project with an abundant amount of physical space was no easy feat, it was only after a few rounds of space planning that we managed to balance and match this generous amount of space with a proper choice of furniture in the dining and kitchen area. Furniture and fittings with darker wood tones were chosen to stand out against the lighter wooden flooring. A slightly more contemporary and modern approach was taken when designing the dining area which would in turn complement the more organic furniture choices and overall facade of the living room.


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  If you are inspired by the décor of Modern Mediterranean interiors and already know exactly what you want, let us draw up a quote for you. Contact us to set up an initial consultation session to start planning the design of your living spaces.

  At 96 Interior, we are committed to delivering quality workmanship and trustworthy service to homeowners in Singapore. Let’s take you one step closer to making your house a home with your favorite Mediterranean layout today!

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