The Unique Modern Vintage HDB Design

The modern vintage interior design is a great look for any HDB home. Mix and match elements from the past and present to create a unique and bespoke look for your house. The modern vintage home design is full of character and stories, and we can help you create a home that is as unique as you, the homeowner

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Give Your Home Character with Our Modern Vintage Home Design

   Singaporeans are known to be a nostalgic bunch with a huge appreciation for narratives from the past. When these stories are weaved into the home interior, the vintage aesthetic turns the living space into a time capsule. Impress your guests with an interior aesthetic that oozes character. Here at 96 Interior, we recognise the value of antiquity and the benefit of modern interior designs. 

   Without the proper planning, the marriage of modern and vintage interior designs can result in a cluttered home. When you book an appointment with our designers, they will take into full consideration your requirements and the floor plan to conceptualise a proper layout to achieve a cohesive and stylish design for your home. Furniture and lights are vital in creating the look of a modern vintage design, and we will work closely with you when deciding the proper elements from the past to integrate into your home design.

   Our design proposals will give you a better understanding of the materials and fixtures that will be considered for the modern vintage interior look. You can either start from a statement furniture or decorative piece and develop the design, or choose a vintage pattern or colour palette and curate a personal space from there.  

Start Planning with Us

   Creating a modern vintage home design for your HDB requires careful planning. The selection and arrangement of furniture and decorations must blend well to tell a story. A balance between the old and new is vital to ensure the interior exudes character and timelessness. If you are looking for interior styles beyond modern vintage, you can choose a chic modern French interior or a Scandinavian design.

   The modern vintage interior design is for the bold and eclectic. Drop us an enquiry to start the conceptualising process as soon as possible!

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