The Beauty of Wabi Sabi Interior Design

Rooms designed in Wabi Sabi style harmonise imperfection and simplicity. Wabi Sabi emphasises the beauty of transience and the allure of age and wear in its home designs. Think bare concrete walls, rustic furniture and intimate textures around the house, conveying the precision of minimalistic design and charm of asymmetry. Textures are also important in Wabi Sabi aesthetics and complete the look by appreciating the appeal of what’s natural.

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Transform Your Home with Wabi Sabi Interior Design

   Wabi Sabi home design is one of the minimalistic designs that celebrates the concepts of unfinished surfaces and empty spaces. Proper planning of walls and floor space is vital to unify the design in its asymmetry and natural elements.

   To incorporate an unconventional and unique design in the interior of your home, you would need interior designers that are trustworthy and knowledgeable in their craft. At 96 Interior, our designers are incredible at creating beautiful minimalist-inspired homes. That intimate knowledge of minimalist design philosophy and our commitment to our clients help our designers truthfully convey your personality subtly in a Wabi Sabi inspired home. 

   Work with our designers to bring elements of nature into your house and plan effective utilisation of your space. Our interior designers will incorporate all the crucial aspects of Wabi Sabi design and realise your vision of a quiet, rustic and inviting home. We will walk you through the entire process from conceptualising and planning to renovating your Wabi Sabi themed home. Share your ideas for your home renovation and our designers will find a way to assimilate your choices in the overall design. We can present your desired concepts for the house with our digital 3D imagery for better and clearer communication.

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Have complete confidence that your house will be transformed into a unique, mellow and inviting home with us. From BTOs to condominiums and landed properties, we can start planning your unique Wabi Sabi home design with a simple enquiry. Get more inspiration for Scandinavian, Modern Industrial and other interior designs!

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