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Wood is incredibly special. As a natural material, the small differences in its texture and color are part of its beauty. It is also a material that ages very well and is of low maintenance, an attribute that is highly sought after not only in residential spaces but also in commercial projects. As a highly versatile and adaptable material, integrating wood aesthetics in a home enables one to easily unite furniture and fittings to exude warmth and homely vibes, which is why it has been increasingly popular for contemporary and modern design homes.

Here at 96 Interior, our designers always come up with the most intelligent ways to not only maximize the usage of physical space, but also ensure that the overall organic theme of the home as envisioned on the drawing board is realized perfectly.

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Wood is just like a bottle of wine; it gets better through the test of time.


In the design of this home, more emphasis is placed in the dining and kitchen area as our home owners mentioned that they have young kids at home, and will most likely use this area for meals more often than not.

Our interior designer then proceeded to recommend water resistant material in their dining area, which is where one of the special attributes of wood comes into play. A divider is then erected as a partition to bridge the dining area and kitchen seamlessly.

One of the benefits of having a divider made out of wood and glass is that it insulates a certain amount of sound and heat coming from it, keeping home owners and guests comfortable by reducing humidity.

This final design of this dining space has gone through many rounds of space planning discussions between our interior designers, contractors and carpenters to have it set up perfectly aligned with the kitchen partition.


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