Is Hiring An Interior Designer Worth It?

Switching up the interior design of your new home is a big project that requires lots of work and thorough consideration. This is where interior designers come into the picture – skilled in seeing the big picture as well as the minute details, interior designers are experts at revamping any space. Some may say it’s because they’re “creative” or “fashion-forward,” but we prefer to think that it’s just because they know how to make your design ideas come to life. So, here are some of the best reasons why hiring an Interior design and renovation expert in Singapore is a must!

1. Interior Designers Know the Latest Trends

With the rising trend of homeowners wanting their abodes to look like paradise amidst the concrete jungle we live in, many are seeing the importance of their home Interior design aligning with not just their preferences but also current trends. But that is not to say that every homeowner is aware of their wants, needs, and the latest interior trends. Not forgetting the complexity and soaring costs of everything, many are left unsure about the next step to take when it comes to renovating their homes. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, Interior designers can help you by suggesting new design and renovation ideas for your home. Moreover, they’ll be able to assemble a team of skilled contractors to fulfil all the renovation requirements to bring your vision to fruition.

2. Designers Come with Unexpected Ideas

Interior designers are skilled and qualified professionals who have sound expertise in every department of contemporary home and commercial design and renovation. They understand the aesthetics involved in colour, furniture, and style, and they know how to create the perfect interior style for your home with unique ideas. Moreover, they use their creativity, imagination, and knowledge of colours and textures to design homes according to their  client’s interests.

3. Interior Designers Make the Most of Available Space

Interior design and renovation is the art of creating a space that makes you feel at home and comfortable, while enhancing its functionality. Despite the apparent space limitation in most homes in Singapore, interior designers are trained to look at your space from a more technical point of view. By working with an interior designer, you will also have the opportunity to communicate about your personal likings and express your individuality. Taking these into consideration, your designer will be able to work everything into the available space.

4. They Design Custom Elements That Are Not Readily Available

When you engage an interior designer, you get customised interior design renovation solutions that are unique to your needs. For example, regardless of your needs and available space, our designers at 96 Interior can propose artistic elements and furniture that will undoubtedly elevate the aesthetic and visual appeal of the space. With space planning and consultation services, issues related to space constraints can also be addressed without hassle.

5. They Handle All Your Design Work Efficiently

Interior design and renovation professionals handle all your design work efficiently while sticking to your budget. From drawing up a detailed plan that defines different zones to offering 3D visualisations so that you have a better idea of what your future space will look like, we believe in providing our clients with the best services. Therefore, working with a professional interior design company like 96 Interior will ensure that your home renovation is completed efficiently and effectively.

Work With Experienced Interior Designers in Singapore

At 96 Interior, we believe that a renovation is not just an interior design project. It’s a reflection of your personality, style and taste. Our team of professional interior design and renovation experts will guide you through the process with ease. Our work method is simple and yet professional in all aspects including design, renovation and space planning – all of which are necessary to create your dream home. 

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