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3-Room Resale Renovation Package


Following the purchase of an HDB resale unit, undertaking a home renovation is a rite of passage – and it’s understandably so. Whether it’d be due to the property’s age or its existing interior style that’s in conflict with your own preferences, renovation work is almost always required. If you’re lucky, your unit will be in a good, move-in condition and, as such, will require minimal work. However, if the condition of the flat is bad or if you wish to have a total makeover, you’ll need to be prepared for intense renovation work.

Whether big or small, 96 Interior is committed to delivering quality services for each and every of our projects. We fuse comfort, beauty and functionality to build a home befitting to be your safe haven. We also bring professional expertise that’s been honed over the years – and our design portfolio is proof. We have amassed a wealth of experience dealing with renovation works across different personal and commercial property types, including 3-room, 4-room and 5-room HDB resale units. Clients who opt for our 3-room resale renovation package can enjoy guided interior space planning and design proposal process, among many other things. Achieve a home that is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle needs at 96 Interior today!

What is included in the 3-room resale renovation package:

Professional Design & Services

1. Interior design & Space planning
2. Design proposal & 3D Perspective drawing
3. Materials & Colour selection
4. Consultant & Project management
5. Site inspection/Work schedule


6. Supply labour & materials to lay floor tiles for kitchen
7. Supply labour & materials to lay full height wall tiles for kitchen
8. Supply labour & materials to construct 50mm kitchen cabinet base c/w tiles skirting
9. Supply labour & materials to lay water proofing membrane
10. Supply labour & materials to lay pre-packed materials for kitchen tiles
11. Lay homogeneous floor & wall tiles for bathrooms
12. 3 in 1 waterproofing pre-packed screed at 01 bathroom floor


Hacking Works

13. Supply labour & equipment to hack and demolish existing kitchen cabinet
14. Hack existing floor & wall finishes for bathrooms


Carpentry Works

15. Design, fabricate & install 20ft (L) kitchen cabinet in solid plywood & laminate finish
– ABS trimming doors & handle
– 10ft Quartz table top
– 1 set stainless steel dish tray c/w hydraulic sand blasted glass door

16. Supply labour & equipment to install Anti slam hinges for kitchen cabinet doors & drawers only


Vinyl Flooring Works

17. Supply labour & material to lay 5mm European vinyl flooring for Living room, Master bedroom, Bedroom 1

Plumbing Works

18. Supply labour to install 1 kitchen sink & tap
19. Laying of concealed 2” drainage pipe for kitchen sink & washing machine
20. Supply labour & materials to lay new stainless steel water pipe for kitchen
21. Run new stainless steel cold water piping, 1 bathroom area
22. Supply labour to install 1 set storage heater & 2 sets of bathrooms accessories

Table Top Works

23. Supply labour & materials to install 10ft 20mm single profile Quartz table top

Miscellaneous Works

24. General washing for the whole house
25. To provide haulage of building materials
26. Clearing of debris off renovation site
27. Laying corrugated board for protection
28. Supply & paint the whole house internal wall using Nippon Vinilex 5000 Paint ( Max 4 Colour )

Contact Us to Learn More

If you wish to learn more about our 5-room resale renovation packages or have any other enquiries, feel free to contact us!

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