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Condo Interior Design: Creating a Living Space You Love

You might have just brought the keys to your new condo or you might have lived in this house for some time. Either way, you’ve decided that your house in Singapore needs a revamp and some fresh interior designing. Engaging an interior designer and renovating your condo apartment would help to brighten up your space, breathing new life into the different spaces and also fix serious issues that require addressing. 96 Interior listens with a keen ear and an open heart, to give you a home you love.

Why Renovate?

Your home is a reflection of who you are and can impact how you feel and how you live on a daily basis. It’s intricately tied to your existence — making it absolutely vital that you enjoy waking up to and being in this space. By giving it a look and style that fits your aesthetic, making it more comfortable and maximising its functions, you increase your quality of life. You can’t put a price tag on being content and having good well-being — it’s invaluable.

Types of Interior Designs for Condos

Each homeowner is different and is original in their tastes and aesthetics. We cater to each type of homeowner, whether you would like a chic Scandinavian design inspired by the soft textures of Nordic tastes or the clean, minimal style of Japanese interior design. We use the fundamental principles of design to bring out the best of a space, playing with light, texture, colour and pattern — to create a space that delights and makes you proud to call yours.

Things to Keep in Mind When Renovating a Condo

We have a nuanced understanding of the environment we design and renovate. Condominiums in Singapore have strict rules and guidelines restricting interior design and renovation work to be done on certain days and at certain times. We are mindful of your neighbours (or future neighbours), and thread carefully when doing work that could be noisy and affect the people in your space. Incorporating smart elements like automatic lighting and electric stovetops and sustainable designs would also make your home one fit for the future.

Design Your Home With 96 Interior

Inspired to start adding design ideas to your moodboard? Or are you ready to head straight into a discussion about the possibilities and start making plans. We’re as excited as you and would love to have a conversation about the home you want. If you already know exactly what you want, let us draw up a quote for you so you’re a step closer to making your house a home.

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