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Things to take note on HDB Renovation





HDB Interior Design: Live in Comfort & Style

Everyone looks forward to coming home to a cosy, comfortable abode to unwind and recharge in. If you’re looking to change the look and feel of your HDB flat in Singapore or add a few features to make it more functional, 96 Interior provides the interior design services you’re looking for. Design your apartment to look chic, modern and stylish. Give it a look that complements your personality and lifestyle.

Why Redesign and Renovate the Interior of Your HDB Flat?

Sometimes when buying a HDB flat, you would need to give it a complete facelift, engaging in major renovation and redesign work to create a space you’re happy with. At other times, you might have lived in your home for a few years and minor changes to your interior design would do the trick. If you have some problems that require fixing like a leaky air conditioner, you might also consider other types of renovation work as you seek to solve these home maintenance problems.

Types of Interior Design for Your HDB Flat in Singapore

96 Interior offers a range of interior design styles including Wabi Sabi, Modern Black Minimal or Simplicity. Whether it’s the minimal, nature-inspired Scandinavian look or the sleek, sexy look of Modern Luxury—we create a space that we know you will love. Skilled in providing a sense of balance, 96 Interior combines colours, patterns, lines and textures to create an atmosphere that is inviting and cosy.

Our Process of Interior Designing

At Interior 96, we follow a simple five-step process: Consultation, Design Proposal, Agreement, Renovation, Moving In. During the first step of consultation, our interior designer takes a look at your floor plan and seeks to understand your design style. We use 3D digital renderings and material samples to give you a better idea. Once you’re satisfied with the plans, we embark on renovation according to a pre-set timeline. After completion and when we are assured that you’re happy with the result, you’re ready to move into your HDB home in Singapore!

Renovate Your HDB Flat with 96 Interior

We recognise that each homeowner is unique with specific aesthetic preferences. We spend time understanding the vision you have and seek to make it a reality. Know exactly the design you want? Get a quote for interior design work based on your HDB floor area. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your dream home a reality.

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