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Landed House Interior Design: A Lavish Home Made For You

Just received the keys to your new landed property and excited to start with interior design and renovation plans? With a few additions and alterations, you can create a terrace or bungalow that you would be happy to call yours and live in, in the decades to come. 96 Interior’s design team brings expertise and experience to you, providing you with ideas and suggestions while bringing your vision to life.

Why Renovate Your Landed House?

Once you’ve sorted out the main issues of water-proofing, water-piping and electrical wiring, you would need to consider the facade as well as the interiors. Are you looking to expand the floor area of your current home by adding another floor? Or to increase the natural lighting and ventilation of the space by adding a light well? By doing these, you can improve the quality of your home environment.

Types of Interior Design for your Landed house

You can design your home in a sophisticated style of contemporary design with clean lines and subdued textures or a tropical style employing natural teak or mahogany or wicker furniture inspired by nature. If you prefer a mixture of styles or something a little eclectic, our interior design team can also customize our offerings to suit your needs.

Why Choose 96 Interior?

At 96 Interior, we are committed to delivering quality workmanship, trustworthy service and a distinguished sense of professionalism. These values guide us in every aspect of our interior designing. We harness creativity and passion for design to create interiors that embody comfort, beauty and functionality. With interior design, space planning and renovation services, we turn your landed house in Singapore into a beautiful alcove.

Renovate with 96 Interior

Choose to renovate with 96 Interior. Find out more about our interior design process for landed houses in Singapore to understand the steps we will take together with you when you engage our services. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation session to start your journey of creating your dream home.

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