Top Kitchen Design Inspirations to Consider for Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where we cook up delicious meals, gather around to chat, and savour special moments with our loved ones. 

 important to have a kitchen that is both functional and stylish, whether you’re living in an HDB flat, condominium, or landed property in Singapore.

From modern and contemporary designs to something more traditional, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading for the four kitchen design renovation ideas that will help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

1. Open Kitchen Concept

Open kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in homes these days. Blending seamlessly into the living room, this unique layout makes it simple and stylish to cook and entertain in the same space.

Whether you’re hosting big parties or having a small family meal, the open kitchen lets you show off your culinary skills and entertain individuals all at the same time.

2. Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands provide a versatile and convenient area in your home. With a spacious countertop, it’s ideal for both cooking and entertaining guests. 

To the budding chefs and avid cooks, the kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in the house and there is always a need for extra storage. A kitchen island can help to add valuable space to store all your ingredients and cooking tools. 

3. Extend Your Backsplash

If you’re looking for a way to add some extra personality to your kitchen, consider extending your backsplash up the wall. Not only will this improve the look of your kitchen, but it can also provide some practical benefits.

Backsplashes are extremely functional. They protect your walls from spills and splatters, and they can also help to keep your kitchen clean. 

Backsplashes are decorative as well, and extending your kitchen’s backsplash can completely revitalise the space.

4. Think of Texture and Tones

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when renovating your kitchen is deciding on what colour scheme to choose. A light, airy palette can make a small kitchen feel larger, while darker-toned colours can give a space a more masculine edge.

Other than adding unique tiles to the backsplash or countertops, choose a statement colour for the cabinets or incorporate interesting materials like marble or butcher block into the design. With a little creativity, you can create a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. 

Create A Kitchen Of Your Dreams With 96 Interior

Renovating a kitchen can be a daunting task. There are so many choices to make – from the cabinets and countertops to the appliances and flooring. Hopefully, the above inspirations can help you make the most of your space.

At 96 Interior, our designers will work with you to create a unique kitchen design that fits your needs and style. Whether you’re looking for a modern kitchen with sleek lines or a traditional kitchen with classic charm, we can make your dream kitchen become a reality. Come see us today or contact us at 9321 9696 and let us help you create the perfect culinary oasis. Free consultations are available.

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