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Offices are oftentimes deemed as a mere place to work from 9 to 6. However, the last few years have demonstrated how much change the modern office space has undergone. For example, the early 2000s saw the replacement of the traditional layout with cubicles that supposedly provide privacy with open concept floor plans. Then, as more companies began to put employee health and well-being at the forefront of the design blueprint, the pandemic hit, pushing everyone to work remotely. As we slowly revert back to the pre-pandemic days, and more employees desire the flexible work arrangements that came with the lockdown, simply accommodating to the fast-paced changes with the installation of a foosball table will not suffice. This is where good office design comes into the picture.

With many of us spending over a third of our lives in the office, it is important that the time is spent in a workspace with quality design. While a fun culture and pleasant colleagues can do wonders in boosting the morale of employees, how can a well-thought-out physical work environment benefit employees any further?

The Benefits of Good Office Design

A good office design has the potential to transform business operations as a whole. From how the business is presented to clients and employees to enhancing the well-being of staff, a good office interior design can influence several aspects of an organisation. Here are the top 5 reasons why good office design matters:

1. Boost Employee Morale & Productivity

Good office design always considers the needs of the employees. Not only providing them with a suitable environment to complete their tasks, a well-thought-out space also offers comfort, facilitates better collaboration, and provides flexibility. While tearing down the cubicle walls can streamline the collaboration between team members, there is no denying that an open office plan also increases the noisy chatter once in a while. And for those who often require some level of calmness and quiet to get their work done, strategic integration of areas like break-out rooms and quiet working zones can do wonders in boosting productivity levels during crunch time.

2. Better Company Image

It is said that first impressions count. When a potential employee or client walks into the office, every organisation would undoubtedly want to make an agreeable impression. From the entrance down to the overall vibe of the office space, every element of the design plays an important role in letting your brand make a statement about your values and working style. Dull walls and stacks of paper piled on the floor do not do any favours in terms of making a favourable impression. As such, good office design is crucial when it comes to accurately reflecting your company’s identity and conveying a positive message and image of your brand and what the business stands for.

3. Attract New Employees & Future Talents

The chances of potential employees doing a quick search of a company before applying for a job is common in this digital age. Especially now, with many preferring to work from home, a well-designed and collaborative workspace will not only tantalise employees into returning to the office but also attract new talents. By sharing images and videos of the chic and cool workplace, curiosity is bound to be piqued, giving an office with an appealing design an edge over its competitors.

4. Provide Safety & Comfort

Every commercial interior design has an impact on the overall safety of the space. A good office design factors in all the risks and problems, such as accessibility issues, and nips them in the bud. Abiding by building and safety regulations, commercial office interior design will have employees feeling safe and comfortable during work hours.

5. Increase Employee Satisfaction

A stress-free and comfortable office space can recharge employees unlike any other. While the value added by taking simple steps like incorporating the right furniture or updating technology in the office might be overlooked, doing so means that the company is actively looking for ways to improve and adapt to the changing needs of their staff. This continuous effort to improve can reinforce a positive culture, which in turn, increases employee satisfaction.

Planning an Office Renovation Project

With so many benefits that you and your staff will truly appreciate, it is clear to see why having a good office interior design is pivotal to the success of any business. However, for a workplace to have a good office design, it first needs to undergo renovation. Whether you plan on going for a modern industrial-themed office interior design or a minimalist one, there are several things to take note of when planning an office renovation project. Some of these include:

1. Quality Materials & Professional Help

While designing a home office means that you can go for affordable solutions that offer a temporary space to work, designing an office that has loads of hustle and bustle requires quality materials. From sturdy tables that can hold heavy weight to ergonomic chairs that provide optimal support for your employees, quality always triumphs over quantity. And to ensure that a conducive workspace is created, it is best to hire the help of professionals who are experienced in commercial interior design and renovation — this way, you will get the most out of your commercial interior design.

2. Adhere to Your Brand Value & Personality

As mentioned, the office design is a reflection of the brand. Therefore, if your company is all about having fun and taking things one step at a time, you’ll want the interiors to mimic that vibe. Be it through colourful walls or playful decals, there are many ways to plaster your company’s personality throughout the space.

3. Focus on Comfort & Convenience

When attempting to bring a certain design idea to life, many often hyper-focus on the aesthetics of it all, overlooking practicality, comfort and convenience. For example, even though a chic metal table might be the perfect complement to an industrial office interior design, the practicality of it must be considered. Although the workspace should perk the spirits of the staff, it should also fulfil all of the workspace’s needs so that nothing is hindered over time. This means that from maximising natural light to adopting eco-friendly features, much thought has to be put into the office renovation plan. 

4. Be Inspired by the Big Players

Don’t have a specific office design idea that you would like to bring to life? Take inspiration from big players like Google, which is famously known for its cool offices. Integrating vibrant colours that mimic nature, encouraging play by incorporating a climbing wall, and having several seating areas strewn throughout the office, there are many design ideas and tips to draw from major corporations like these. 

Bring Your Commercial Office Design Ideas to Life With 96 Interior

Have a commercial space that you need interior design advice for? At 96 Interior, we offer interior design and renovation services for commercial spaces in Singapore. Understanding the importance of making a statement as soon as your employees and clients walk in, we take the time to understand your needs to bring to your life your dream office design

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